<![CDATA[Funky Futon]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/feeds/ Funky Futon Mon, 27 Jan 2020 15:04:37 +0000 http://backend.userland.com/rss092 en <![CDATA[Excellent ]]> Great customer service, personalised. Excellent the futon. It is meant for my guests but I have spent many a night on it as it is so comfortable. When guests visit they also have high praise for the futon. It makes for a comfortable night. I bought the Edinburgh king size with Georgian mahogany stain, pocket mattress, with drawer, aqua terra orange. It is also very comfortable as a sofa. II would highly recommend 10/10 for quality, looks and customer service. ]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/futon-sofabeds/15-edinburgh-futon-sofabed.html <![CDATA[Edinburgh futon]]> Extremely well made and comfortable. Well worth the money. ]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/futon-sofabeds/15-edinburgh-futon-sofabed.html <![CDATA[Tri-fold cotton de-luxe futon mattress]]> I purchased this last week with the small double ketton sofabed and it is perfect for support and comfort, very good quality. I had a little difficulty in folding it initially due to the thickness but Andrew assured me the contents would settle and only days later it sits perfectly and is the most comfortable sofa I have had. A great company who take pride in their products. I'd highly recommend.]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/futon-mattress-choice/55-tri-fold-cotton-deluxe-futon-mattress.html <![CDATA[Authentic cotton mattress]]> I purchased this along with a small single ketton pine futon, and it is the best mattress I have had. I need good support as one side of my body is slightly shorter than the other (wear 1cm shoe raise) and this mattress is perfect for all over support and comfort. I wouldn't buy any other now. I've also just purchased the ketton in a small double pine sofabed with tri-fold mattress which again gives perfect comfort and support. This is a genuine, company who take pride in their products and it has been a pleasure dealing with them. I'd highly recommend.]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/natural-bed-mattresses/14-authentic-cotton-bed-mattresses.html <![CDATA[Ketton small double pine futon sofabed]]> I purchased this last week and have never had a sofa so comfortable, and suitable for my needs (perfect as a bed too). I have a condition where the left side of my body is slightly shorter than the right (wearing a shoe raise of 1 cm) and when sitting I tend to sit slightly to the left. I have tried countless sofas, even expensive ones to give the correct support and comfort and am pleased to find this company who make quality products. I also use the ketton small single pine futon with authentic cotton mattress as a full time bed. Customer service is excellent with fast delivery and good communication. I had a minor problem initially which Andrew sorted out speedily. I'd highly recommend them if you want a genuine company who take pride in their products.]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/pine-futons/21-ketton-trifold-pine-futon.html <![CDATA[Wool mattress]]> Wow ...amazing. What a superbly comfortable mattress. I've been using for about 7 months now and I love this mattress. Handmade by a lovely family. Top people to deal with. Highly recommended. Thankyou very much Funky Futon]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/natural-bed-mattresses/98-luxury-wool-bed-mattress.html <![CDATA[]]> I live in a small cottage where space is limited and I needed a room for visitors to stay over in. After much research I purchased the largest size Bingley Sofa bed and it is fabulous! As a sofa it has excellent back support and is as compact as can be with a useful drawer to put in sheets etcunderneat and then easily pulls out to be a superb bed. Everybody that has slept on it has remarked how comfortable it is. Great value and worth every penny]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/sofa-beds-with-storage/4-bingley-compact-sofabed.html <![CDATA[Phoenix Futon]]> This futon far exceeds all my expectations. A beautiful example of craftsmanship; it is amazingly comfortable as both a bed and a chair.]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/single-chair-beds/52-phoenix-single-futon.html <![CDATA[Brilliant customer service and fantastic futon]]> I purchased 2 Tokyo Futon bed roll for our flat in London. We spoke to Andrew on the phone on Tuesday and by Friday, true to his word, he had them delivered to the flat himself, all the way down from Leeds. We ordered a double and Andrew had recommended that we go for the extra layer (which was not on the option list). This added about 5cms extra. Its worth it. We slept on the mattress for the 7 days, laid over a woolen rug. Its extremely comfortable, and normally with a new mattress or sleeping on the floor, I can sometimes wake up with an aching back or sides. But not on this mattress. Its very comfortable and you get a good night sleep. Its very easy to fold and store away. We have stacked the 2 mattresses so that they become a floor seating cushion when its not used as a bed. ]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/futon-mattress-choice/90-tokyo-futon-bed-roll.html <![CDATA[Excellent sofa bed]]> Very pleased with this sturdy and beautiful sofa bed! It looks great and is very comfortable both as a sofa and a bed. highly recommended!]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/futon-sofabeds/15-edinburgh-futon-sofabed.html