<![CDATA[Funky Futon]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/feeds/ Funky Futon Tue, 19 Mar 2019 07:48:35 +0000 http://backend.userland.com/rss092 en <![CDATA[Absolutely excellent]]> We are delighted with this. It was worth upgrading to the sprung mattress and higher end covering as it gives a real quality feel and means it can be used for everyday use. Looks great in the corner of our office and has effectively given us a spare room for stayover guests. Worth mentioning it actually works as well as a bed. Typical Yorkshire company (in a good way), delivery when they say and a product worth buying.]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/futon-sofabeds/15-edinburgh-futon-sofabed.html <![CDATA[Satisfied customer]]> I am delighted with my Carlisle futon, the efficiency and speed of dispatch and no-fuss assembly. I shall be happy to recommend you to others when opportunity presents. Feb 2019]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/futon-sofabeds/11-carlisle-bi-fold-futon.html <![CDATA[Visit to Factory]]> Arranged to visit factory to look at Tokyo Futon Roll. We wanted this to fit in our car, for camping. We were shown the futons and tried it in the vehicle, staff were very helpful and various options were offered. We were very pleased with the quality and feel of the futon and took one away with us. Excellent service and very helpful]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/futon-mattress-choice/90-tokyo-futon-bed-roll.html <![CDATA[Best Bed Ever]]> We bought a large futon roll several months ago. I had struggled to find a mattress that wouldn't give me back pains. After trying a few traditional mattress over the years and having little comfortable nights. We decided to try this. This has done wonders for my sleep. The fabric is heavy duty and surprisingly warm. One of the owners even delivered the futon to our door in the evening. Can't recommend them enough. ]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/futon-mattress-choice/90-tokyo-futon-bed-roll.html <![CDATA[]]> Way too thin, material compresses after a week of use. Barely usable - Reply from Funky Futon Co - Tom our description of this product out lines this as a thin roll up futon for either guest use or die hard futon lovers who require a firmer product, and want a roll up futon, we recommend ! if in doubt on the page to go for a thicker futon. or a second can be purchased and placed on top and the thickness is the same as our Authentic Futon at no extra cost.]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/futon-mattress-choice/90-tokyo-futon-bed-roll.html <![CDATA[perfect sofa and bed]]> Great product, very easy to close & open, very stylish as a sofa and very comfortable as a bed (we had to sleep on it for a month while redecorating a bedroom). The FF service was impeccable, we paid for the futon to be assembled and it was quick & efficient. Recommended!]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/futon-sofabeds/93-kent-futon-sofa-bed.html <![CDATA[Phoenix Pine Futon]]> We were impressed with the friendly and knowledgeable staff when we turned up at their workshop. The service was efficient and prompt. Our guests were complimentary about the comfort as a bed - they didn't get up until 11am after the first night! Also it is easy for one person to change from bed to sofa and back. Just what we needed in our loft room.]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/pine-futons/51-phoenix-uk-pine-futon.html <![CDATA[]]> Bought trifold kings size mattress for my guest room and it’s comfier than my own bed! Great communication and service. ]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/futon-mattress-choice/112-tri-fold-plus-wool-luxury-futon.html <![CDATA[]]> Bought stacking futons for spare room in June 18. I am told that they are fine to sleep on stacked ( not tried separately yet) & I'm anticipating their usefulness for family at Christmas. I bought the light oak which I find a very pleasant colour. My only regret is not checking swatch colours in advance ( bought in a hurry for guests arriving) as I find the mink a rather depressing rather than a neutral colour for the bluish room they are in. Husband was glad of the putting them together service as would have taken him a lot longer he reckons. Overall service excellent & helpful on the phone.]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/futon-beds/67-zen-stacking-beds.html <![CDATA[Devon small sofa bed]]> Really love new bed, bought it for my 5 years old room, as room only small so it really saves a space daytime when he doesn’t sleep in it and have plenty space to play in the room. Sofa it’s very comfortable to sleep we upgraded to memory foam mattress and it was def worth the money, I slept in it myself and had a great night sleep. When chooosing a bed I really liked that you can choose matterial, colour and wood aswell. Recommend to pay extra for draw as really comfortable for putting the bedding. Highly recommend to get these beds, you will get good quality product specialised for your needs, it is easy to use aswell. And you will also get great customer services as guys are very helpful and give you all help and advise you need !!! ]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/sofa-beds-with-storage/95-devon-small-sofabed.html