<![CDATA[Funky Futon]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/feeds/ Funky Futon Sat, 15 Aug 2020 02:09:06 +0100 http://backend.userland.com/rss092 en <![CDATA[Review]]> Brilliant product supplied and put together by Andrew who's customer service is fab ]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/compact-sofa-beds/15-edinburgh-futon-sofabed.html <![CDATA[Toyko Roll]]> Ordered a 4 layer roll at short notice for a holiday - intended for occasional use. Delivered as promised on time. Quality item which did the job for the week. Very comfortable but is a firm mattress which I prefer. I'm sure it will serve me well for years so we'll worth the money. ]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/futon-mattress-choice/90-tokyo-futon-bed-roll.html <![CDATA[Almost 7 years on yet still amazing]]> I purchased the Warwick Sofa bed almost 7 years ago. My intention was not to use it as an occasional bed but instead for an everyday bed due to space constraints. It has stood the test of time and I am only now considering purchasing a new mattress. The technology is amazing and easy to use and the service was great from ordering at the previous showroom premises in Morley to the delivery and installation in my home. I would certainly recommend these futons. They are robust and look great too.]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/compact-sofa-beds/72-warwick-futon-sofabed.html <![CDATA[Futon Roll]]> I waited a week or so before writing this review to see how it was sleeping. So far this futon roll is excellent. At Matt's suggestion, I got the four layer bed instead of the 3 layer, because I'm using it as my permanent bed. The support is firm but really comfortable. It rolls up easily, which is great for making extra space. It also doubles up as a chaise when folded the right way against the wall. It's pretty thick when rolled up; if traveling, the 3 layer might be more portable. So happy with this bed, it's exactly what I was looking for. ]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/futon-mattress-choice/90-tokyo-futon-bed-roll.html <![CDATA[Can't praise enough]]> I am honestly shocked with the service in this company! Website is great, my account shows me all the important info that I want to know, prices are reasonable, Staff is friendly and helpful, delivery came in 2 days - honestly I would like to give it more stars if I could. It is so refreshing to see people who respect their customers and care about the product (forgot to mention- bloody brilliant quality!)]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/futon-mattress-choice/90-tokyo-futon-bed-roll.html <![CDATA[Swaledale Natural Mattress]]> This mattress is wonderful! From the start of my enquiry all the way through to delivery, Funky Futon were very helpful and full of knowledge and advise about the mattress. I wanted a fully breathable, natural and sustainable product. I did lots of research and tried various mattresses at large stores which offer ‘natural mattresses’ but I’m very glad I found Funky Futon. I’ve never written a review before but I’m happy to go on and on about this mattress. if you are contemplating a natural mattress which is comfortable and cool this is a good choice. ]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/natural-bed-mattresses/106-swaledale-wool-bed-mattress.html <![CDATA[single futon mattress]]> Just bought a new mattress for my futon chair - it's perfect - very good quality, well made with a great colour and texture of material. Excellent value and service ]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/futon-mattress-choice/116-bi-fold-futo-flex-premium-futon-mattress.html <![CDATA[Phoenix futon used as full time bed]]> Super impressed with my custom futon. Andrew was really helpful when I called as I had lots of questions. This was to be a full time bed rather than a sofa or spare. I was confident with my purchase after his advice on customisation options and mattress upgrade and my bed is perfect. Fast fabrication and delivery and beautiful quality. Highly recommended. Thank you!]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/pine-futons/51-phoenix-uk-pine-futon.html <![CDATA[Cambridge Sofa]]> Can’t believe how efficient this company are. Ordered last week, made and delivered within a week. It arrived on time - no looking at the clock wondering if they were going to deliver today or not as the day wears on. The guys who brought it then built it, demonstrated it and cleaned up afterwards and were away within 40 minutes. What about the bed/sofa. Very comfortable to sprawl on (which is what it’s for). Simplicity itself to turn into a bed and while it will only be slept on less than 20 times a year seems both solid and comfortable. I found a recommendation for Funky Futon on Money Saving Expert and am very pleased with every aspect of the purchase.]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/compact-sofa-beds/7-cambridge-futon-sofabed.html <![CDATA[Great company]]> I needed a new mattress for my futon which I had bought 20 years ago. I wasn’t sure about the measurements and needed a company to make it to measure if necessary. Andrew helped me find the right one over the phone and it was delivered promptly. I must say, the quality and the colour exceeded my expectations and I ordered another one for a second, smaller futon straight away. Good quality, great service even in these challenging times and a very friendly company! ]]> https://www.funkyfuton.co.uk/futon-mattress-choice/116-bi-fold-futo-flex-premium-futon-mattress.html